10 Stages To Emotional Healing

After listening to Joyce Meyer, i decided to share to people who are in these state, we all learn everyday, we re not perfect but God speaks to us through these women of God ,that ve passed through these challenges. Yeah its hard but are you willing to Get healed?

These are the stage to pass through the healing School.
1. Decide to Get well.
2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.-self-pity. Get yourself off your mind. Stop telling people what you ve been through on and on,where as everybody has he or her own story to tell.
3.Realize you are not the only one hurting.other people are.don’t be self centered.
4.Sow into others for your harvest.
5.Take Responsibility, stop making excuses
6. Face the truth. “yeah say your own problem not others.for example. oh i get so jealous when i see him with her.
7.Don’t run when it becomes difficult.Gen 16:6-9 (yeah i do that a lot but working on it.sometimes in life God puts you somewhere for growth,and all of a sudden your body can’t fit into that situation, your feelings are like its too much for me but sometimes its for a purpose. And secondly When we run , God cannot take care of us. when you are running out of his will. he will still pull you back ,but when you re too stubborn, he never pushes you by force.
8. Forgive and totally release all the people that hurts you and forgive yourself.
9.Stop blaming and move on
10.Put the Holy spirit in charge of Your case.he is your closest friend.

I guess you learned, like i said b4, everyday life is like a school, we learn everyday through people’s experience or our own experience. I Pray God help us all Only if we are willing to learn God’s way not our ways.

Download part 1

part 2




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