Pictures from PITA Live in Concert!…….and all the gist.

Pictures From PITA’s Concert and all the gist

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As I type away this post on my laptop, guess who my companion is? ………Its PITA’s latest album playing on my laptop. What better way to blog! so please bear with me if my mind occasionally wanders away to his track no. 3 “You don bless me” or track 5 “Light up my world”, that’s after I recover from the fast-beat action-sounding track 2 “Imela remix”. If you loved the original Imela done by Pita, just wait till you hear the remix on the new album. Ok…ok enough about the amazing album for now, lets talk about the event itself

June 30th finally came and PITA’s much awaited concert reverberated in the magnificent Victory Dome of David’s Christian Centre, Lagos. It was a night of divine spectacle. full of gospel glitz and glamour. It was a rainy sunday but even the rain knew it had to stop by 3 pm to make way…

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