FLO - Twale RMXFLO [born Nathan Akiremi] is an accomplished Sound Engineer, Producer, Songwriter and Singer. Check out the remix of Twale, off his forthcoming album, THE WORSHIP SESSIONS.

“Upon the successful release of my album SANCTIONED on September 1st 2012, I was really blessed by the comments, prayers, seeds and words of encouragement from my friends and fans. I decided to bless them all back by recording a ‘worship’ rendition to one of my popular songs, TWALE. This track promises to create an atmosphere of worship and intimacy to its listeners. So here’s to all my friends, fans and well wishers! TWALE RMX will also be available on my next project – The Worship Sessions. God bless!” ~ FLO

Enjoy the song and leave your comments below.

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One thought on “AUDIO: FLO ~ TWALE RMX”

  1. God bless u FLO,u r a blessing 2 my family and a gift 2 dis generation.keep up d good work of faith.more grace 2 press on.

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